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Hi there, Patrica and Dave here…

No doubt you’re here because you want to create a 2nd revenue stream…

…a stable “side hustle”…

…or a legitimate business you can be proud of.

And if you’re smart, you’ll want one with huge residual income potential. 

The Truth About Residual Income...

Every person we meet has one thing in common. They want to create residual income.
Everyone has a different reason for wanting it… 
Some people want to have money to retire without downsizing their life.
Some people want to give back to others without worrying about paying their bills.
Some people want to pay their car bill or mortgage and reduce their stress.
But the reality is…

The Way Most People Try To Create Residual Income Is Dead...

Don’t be like most people. The majority is usually always wrong…

Most people think residual income comes from Network Marketing or MLM.

Don’t get us wrong – we know lots of great people in the Network Marketing field…

…and there are some really good companies out there.

But contrary to popular belief, that’s NOT real residual income…

People come and go.

Very few stay with any one product for long nowadays.

Companies change compensation plans or  go out of business.

And that’s on top of a record number of them are being shut down by the FTC.

Have you ever tried to create residual income with a Network Marketing company?

Most people have…

It’s an endless cycle of hard work…

There’s recruiting, pitching friends and family, supporting people, three-way calls, events…

And of course people leaving your team, compensation plan changes, etc…

Bottom line: It’s THE most exhausting residual income on earth…

…and it’s the most unstable.

The average person makes about $149 in residual income.

And that’s not per month, by the way. That’s $149 per year!

Yes, you read that right.

REAL Residual Income...

Do you know the main reason it’s so hard? Because you are pitching products and services to “NON business owners.” Read that again. It’s the single biggest lesson here.

Everyday people change their minds and switch products they use as much as I change my shoes.

There’s essentially ZERO product loyalty anymore.

You’re pitching something they might want, but don’t need (and you’re having to convince them they should buy!).

That’s the hardest pitch of all.

Yet this is exactly what the Network Marketing industry teaches every day.

No wonder the average residual income is less than $200 PER YEAR!

This is the exact opposite of what we do, and what we are about to show you here today…

Real residual income comes from owning an ASSET that makes sales 24 hours per day, 7 days per week…

…even while you sleep.

Let me give you some examples…

If you buy a rental property – that’s an asset. You rent it to someone and you get paid every single month.

If you own an ATM machine at a great location, that’s an asset.

When people withdraw money, you get a small percentage of each transaction.
These are two examples of REAL residual income.
But here’s the thing…
Those businesses cost a lot of money to start. And most people just don’t have it.
There’s a better way. A new frontier.
And the best part is, very few people know about it…

The Most Lucrative Business On Earth?

We’ve used our business model to create a stable, residual, (and monthly recurring) 6-figure income – in an industry that few are even aware of…

Keyword here: Stable.

It’s pretty simple actually…It’s called Digital Payments.

Digital Payments refers to debit and credit card processing services. 

It’s what allows businesses to accept credit and debit cards, as well as mobile payments.

Can you think of a business that doesn’t accept credit cards today, or isn’t dying to?

Every business needs to accept credit cards today, or they fall behind (and lose customers).

Have you ever wondered where businesses get the machines that you swipe your card with?

How do you think people are able to collect payments online?

Through people like us: Digital Payment Agents.

As the world goes cashless, the digital payments industry is becoming a digital gold rush…

“There is a definite push in the retail world to move away from cash-based transactions. That means the merchant service industry will continue to flourish, especially as more of the developing world transitions into developed economies.”

– Business Insider

For the last 15 years, we’ve been building an empire of residual income.

One that pays us every time someone buys something with a credit card.

And since we’re moving to a “cashless” society, this opportunity keeps getting bigger…

“Cash is on the decline for merchants globally. 67% of merchants say that they will likely be completely cashless in the near future.”

– American Express

Think about that…

With three clients, you can make a car or mortgage payment, or pay a school tuition bill every single month!

It’s amazing.

Businesses NEED these payment processing services today more than ever.

And as the use of cash declines, the demand for our services is exploding.

And here’s the best part:

It doesn’t cost a business owner ANYTHING to get these services, add new ones, or switch providers.

It’s 100% free to sign up.

And 99% of the time, due to our banking relationships, we can SAVE them money in fees.

So, we make money by giving businesses more of their money back.

How’s that for an irresistible offer?

There are MILLIONS of businesses in the US alone.

Everywhere we shop, play, or dine…..EVERYWHERE.

They all want to accept credit cards.

And the ones that already do want to save money and pay fewer fees, which we have access to…

“The world of digital payments — both from consumers to businesses and between businesses — is evolving faster than ever before. Merchant service providers (Digital Payment Agents) are poised to thrive in the years ahead as the payments ecosystem becomes increasingly digital.”

– Forbes

So after 15 years of building a small fortune behind the scenes, we put together a private community called Residual Payments…

We’ve created “The Playbook” on how to tap into what many feel is THE most lucrative industry on earth…

The Digital Payments Revolution

For about the cost of lunch at a local cafe, we’ll show you exactly how the Digital Payments business works.

You’ll learn how the money flows, and the exact path for anyone to tap into this multi-Billion dollar industry…

…and create a real, stable residual income that almost never goes away…

…regardless of background, money, or experience.

The Digital Payments Revolution training is only $34, but only for a limited time.

This training is brand new, and we want to get it into the hands of as many ambitious Entrepreneurs as possible…

…and then we’re either pulling it offline, or raising the price.

The training is online and you’ll be taken to a private members area to access your training, as well as our private Facebook group after you purchase.

This Is A LIMITED TIME Offer! Please Pay Attention To The Countdown Timer On The Order Page.

Here’s what a few of our satisfied members had to say about
The Digital Payments Revolution…

“As the owner of a leading creative event planning company in New England, my income resets every time a wedding or event is completed. Most industries face the same issue. When I heard about Residual Payments, I was very interested in building a residual form of monthly income that DOES NOT RESET. After going through the training and working one-on-one with Patricia and David, this is definitely a great way to secure ongoing stable revenue.

Since I have many colleagues including florists, limo companies, makeup and hair artists, etc., digital payments is a very comfortable conversation to have with my vendors because I am offering them a solution that saves them money on their merchant service fees. I make residual income while getting to put money back in the pockets of my connections. It’s a win win.”


“I am a real-life testimony of what a career in payments can do to someone’s life. Two years ago I literally knew nothing about payment processing. I took a leap of faith and gave the industry a try. Through the help of Dave and Patricia Carin and their training platform Residual Payments, I have closed over 80 accounts and have built a residual income empire of $8k month and growing. Now, I am starting to learn about the higher margin industries with one-on-one high risk mastery training. My residuals should double or maybe even triple this year depending on how much time I focus on this side of the business.

As a dedicated husband and a father of three wonderful children, I could not be more thankful for what a career in payments has done for my family and I. I now have more personal and financial freedom than I could have ever dreamed of, and I am just getting started.  Thank you Dave and Patricia Carlin.  You are paving the way in payments and are changing peoples lives!”


“I was in the investment banking industry, the mortgage banking industry and I’m currently a strategic sales advisor and consultant and I never knew an industry this lucrative for everyday people even existed! I couldn’t sleep for days when Patricia first explained this world to me. Now, the majority of my time is spent working with business owners on finding new or better solutions for their credit card processing. And as their Digital Payments Agent, I make a percentage of each and every one of their credit transactions each and every month. This training is awesome and the best first step in learning about this exciting and lucrative world of digital payments.”


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside The Digital Payments Revolution…

  • Meet the Carlins: We'll do a quick sit down with your instructors to kick things off! They'll share their own experience of building up a 6-Figure Recurring Business (monthly!) in the Digital Payments space.

  • Get an introduction to the business of Credit Card processing. This is a world that very few know about (which makes it VERY exciting).

  • Why Why Digital Payments is the most profitable and stable residual income business. Period.

  • How REAL residual income works vs FAKE residual income. There’s a big difference. There’s a good chance you’ve been lied to up until this point.

  • The real size of the Digital Payments opportunity (this will blow you away!). There's so much room to grow, and the timing is perfect!

  • How realistic this business is for anyone with drive and ambition. And a desire to create a long-term, stable, passive income.

  • How to become a Digital Payments Agent (if you choose), and how to be profitable as soon as possible.

And so MUCH more!

See YOU inside,
Patricia and Dave

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This Is A LIMITED TIME Offer! Please Pay Attention To The Countdown Timer On The Order Page.