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Definition: Digital payments brokers are authorized individuals that allow a business to accept credit card or bank debit card transactions using online ordering or point of sales systems.


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About The Course

This is the only course you will ever need to become a massively successful Digital Payments Expert. David And Patricia Carlin are the #1 power couple in the payment processing world. They’ve taken over 20 years of experience and distilled it down into the industry’s first step by step training system. These are the exact same strategies they personally use to generate millions of dollars per year in commissions.

What others have to say

“As the owner of a leading creative event planning company in New England, my income resets every time a wedding or event is completed. Most industries face the same issue. When I heard about Residual Payments, I was very interested in building a residual form of monthly income that DOES NOT RESET. After going through the training and working one-on-one with Patricia and David, this is definitely a great way to secure ongoing stable revenue.

Since I have many colleagues including florists, limo companies, makeup and hair artists, etc., digital payments is a very comfortable conversation to have with my vendors because I am offering them a solution that saves them money on their merchant service fees. I make residual income while getting to put money back in the pockets of my connections. It’s a win win.”

Erica Trombetti

Award-Winning Wedding and Events Planner

“I am a real-life testimony of what a career in payments can do to someone’s life. Two years ago I literally knew nothing about payment processing. I took a leap of faith and gave the industry a try. Through the help of Dave and Patricia Carin and their training platform Residual Payments, I have closed over 80 accounts and have built a residual income empire of $8k month and growing. Now, I am starting to learn about the higher margin industries with one-on-one high risk mastery training. My residuals should double or maybe even triple this year depending on how much time I focus on this side of the business.

As a dedicated husband and a father of three wonderful children, I could not be more thankful for what a career in payments has done for my family and I. I now have more personal and financial freedom than I could have ever dreamed of, and I am just getting started.  Thank you Dave and Patricia Carlin.  You are paving the way in payments and are changing peoples lives!”

Eric Sherrin

Real Estate Agent

“I was in the investment banking industry, the mortgage banking industry and I’m currently a strategic sales advisor and consultant and I never knew an industry this lucrative for everyday people even existed! I couldn’t sleep for days when Patricia first explained this world to me. Now, the majority of my time is spent working with business owners on finding new or better solutions for their credit card processing. And as their Digital Payments Agent, I make a percentage of each and every one of their credit transactions each and every month. This training is awesome and the best first step in learning about this exciting and lucrative world of digital payments.”

Andrew Cass

About Residual Payments

We’re David And Patricia. If you’re part of the Digital Payments world then you know who we are. We’ve processed billions of dollars in payments, worked with every major brand in the ecommerce industry, and made 10’s of millions in commissions.

After thousands of requests, we finally made the decision to pull back the curtain and teach you exactly what it takes to become a million dollar payments agent.

If you’re serious about creating REAL residual income, this is the best course you will ever take.

What’s Included In All Levels

I’ll teach you everything I know about sales, and then we’ll apply the techniques
together with my actual clients in real deals.

Work Directly With These Experts

patricia carlin

david carlin

You will also have access to a Worldwide Panel of Digital Marketing and Social Media Experts, Successful Entrepreneurs, Media Moguls, and Leading Payment Professionals.