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Digital Payments Broker

Value $13,780

Only $4,997

  • Lifetime Access To The Course

    Lifetime access to the Residual Payments course modules, all future upgrades, content and videos.

    $5,000 Value

  • Live Weekly General Payments Class

    Learn payments terminology and business knowledge on a weekly live call with a member of Dave and Patricia’s team. Topics range weekly with Q&A at the end.

    $3,588 Value

  • Access To The High Risk Mastery Course

    Access to the advanced course that teaches how to board high risk merchants. These accounts are more tricky to land, but often help earn higher commissions for brokers.

    $599 Value

  • Graphics Package

    Access to one year’s worth of pre-made professional payments graphics for social media and websites.

    $1,299 Value

BONUS #1! Additional 30 Module Course

Access to an additional course “Becoming a Highly Paid Broker”

$297 Value

Digital Payments Agency

Value $39,679

Only $9,997

Everything in the BROKER Package & Bonuses PLUS...

  • Unlimited Deal Calls For 6 Months

    Dave, Patricia, or a member of their team will join your customer calls with you to assist as payment experts and help with converting leads to customers.

    $10,000 Value

  • Live Weekly Sales & Marketing Calls

    Weekly live calls with Dave and Patricia to help assist with sales and marketing strategies, as well as Q&A. Capacity limit for more access to Patricia / Dave.

    $6,000 Value

  • Access To Inner Circle

    Access to the Inner Circle group with other agency members. Post questions and get answers within minutes from a member of Dave and Patricia’s team. Network with other payment members.

    $3,500 Value

  • Access To Pre-Recorded Call Vault

    Access to the agency call vault with all previously recorded weekly calls.

    $2,000 Value

  • Upgraded Zendesk Support Center

    The center of gravity for support and general information for your payments business.

    $2,000 Value

  • Business Jumpstart Video Series

    A video guide for each day of the first 2 months of the agency program to propel your business and provide a roadmap for success.

    $1,500 Value

Social Media & Filming Course

Deep dive into basics about using social media for your business and filming content to help build your brand.

$500 Value

Virtual Assistant Masterclass

Introduction to using virtual assistants to help grow your business.

$400 Value


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What Our Other Partners Have To Say...



“As the owner of a leading creative event planning company in New England, my income resets every time a wedding or event is completed. Most industries face the same issue. When I heard about Residual Payments, I was very interested in building a residual form of monthly income that DOES NOT RESET. After going through the training and working one-on-one with Patricia and David, this is definitely a great way to secure ongoing stable revenue. Since I have many colleagues including florists, limo companies, makeup and hair artists, etc., digital payments is a very comfortable conversation to have with my vendors because I am offering them a solution that saves them money on their merchant service fees. I make residual income while getting to put money back in the pockets of my connections. It’s a win win.”

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“I am a real-life testimony of what a career in payments can do to someone’s life. Two years ago I literally knew nothing about payment processing. I took a leap of faith and gave the industry a try. Through the help of Dave and Patricia Carin and their training platform Residual Payments, I have closed over 80 accounts and have built a residual income empire of $8k month and growing. Now, I am starting to learn about the higher margin industries with one-on-one high risk mastery training. My residuals should double or maybe even triple this year depending on how much time I focus on this side of the business.

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“I was in the investment banking industry, the mortgage banking industry and I’m currently a strategic sales advisor and consultant and I never knew an industry this lucrative for everyday people even existed! I couldn’t sleep for days when Patricia first explained this world to me. Now, the majority of my time is spent working with business owners on finding new or better solutions for their credit card processing. And as their Digital Payments Agent, I make a percentage of each and every one of their credit transactions each and every month. This training is awesome and the best first step in learning about this exciting and lucrative world of digital payments.”

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Dave and Pat have been my mentors for many years and I’m so excited that more people will get to hear their success story. They’re two of the best people I’ve met, great teachers with unbelievable business sense. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to be mentored by them!

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I have worked with Dave and Pat for a couple of years now. They have been patient and exceedingly helpful in guiding me to do business that will serve both me AND my client. They have modeled an abundance mentality showing me that we can be exceedingly generous AND still earn an excellent income. There are plenty of businesses out there to keep us all fed if we do business the right way.

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At first, I was asking David for help regarding my business and now I am helping business owners all because of their efforts and patience in teaching me. Highly recommended.



I could think of no one better to work with. Genuine, honest gurus who have your best and merchants’s best not online in mind, but in heart.



This tool has been incredibly helpful for my spouse and coworkers in identifying areas of strength!



There are 2 of the most real and genuine people you will EVER meet. NOW is the time to take massive action.



Patricia used creativity, industry knowledge, and her network to find a good solution for our organization’s merchant processing needs. We had a unique situation and needed someone who was expert in merchant processing to assist us in finding the right solution and partner. We were very happy with the merchant processing solution which Patricia recommended and implemented for us!

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Patricia is exceptionally knowledgeable about all matters relating to high risk payments. She has breadth as well as depth of experience gained from over 15 years in the sector. She is also exceptionally well connected with the leading payment industry CEO’s/owners so if a problem needs fixing, she can help or knows who to call. If you are looking for expert, impartial advice and solid recommendations to enhance your payment efficiency delivered in a personable and approachable way, then look no further.

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Patricia is extremely knowledgeable about merchant processing and the payments industry, and she knows how to quickly address merchant challenges. She is high energy and tenacious, and works hard to get great results for her clients. She has helped a number of our clients and has been a great partner.

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Over the years of working in the online merchant processing and online marketing industries you may be lucky enough to meet a colleague like Patricia Weber. I was fortunate to meet her at the beginning of her career and got to watch her grow, and develop into one of the few leaders in the industry that actually understands what she is doing. Not only is Patricia professional, dedicated, and intelligent, she never forgets the personal side and takes the time necessary to make sure her piers, clients, etc have a solid foundation and understanding making it easier for them to do their job. I would recommend her to any company or client in need of merchant processing services without hesitation. I am also fortunate to call her a friend. We may not see each other but once or twice a year, but she always welcomes you with a smile and a kind word and is pleasant as the first time we met. A class act all the way around.
Terrence Smalley
Online Marketing Services & Fundraising Professional
The Pantry of Broward, Inc.

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Patricia is an innovative, forward thinking executive in the payments processing industry. While I was with Sony Music Entertainment, Patricia and I worked closely together while developing artist fan clubs for super star platinum selling artists such as Shakira and Lil’ Bow Wow. Patricia was always available to lend an expert hand in helping to build and maintain those services. I highly recommend her work, but more importantly her personality, as Patricia is one of the friendliest, easy to work with people I have ever met.

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Patricia, is the best experienced professional in the online payments processing sphere. She can find the most comfortable solution for your company, optimize your costs for the processing and increase the revenue by assigning to the right acquirer, depends on your market localization and business type.
Patricia helped our company to get a stable US based processing service, and because of this make a great perspective for our international business within the US and CA markets.
Anybody who works together with Patricia will get high-quality and professional service.

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Patricia is an excellent leader who has a very strong acumen in sales and marketing. She consistently delivered results in driving new revenue, retaining profitable clients and enhancing the margins of the business. Patricia can be counted on to make good decisions and always keeps the welfare of the business in mind.

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Patricia is one of the best merchant sales individuals I’ve ever had the privilege with which to work. She is tenacious. She fights to find the decision maker and doesn’t rest until the ink is on the contract. Over the past ten years I’ve seen her sign some of the largest accounts, most of which brought significant name-recognition as well as an attractive revenue stream.

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